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  • Cyclar

    The Cyclar are a race within Ultima, and are the most populous race within the continent. They are largely a peaceful race, with their main skills being agriculture and mining. no depth perception low light vision short not buff sheeps legs and …

  • Typhi

    Known for their shine and beauty, the Thyphi are a scaled humanoid race found in Ultima. scaled tail clawed hands finned? ears limited colour spectrum vision hollowed bones blood based magic hormone manipulation city based

  • Elephant

    elephants on two legs transmutation largely self sustaining secluded rarely seen pilgramages

  • Fish Guys

    Piratey most technologically advanced Smallest population size merchants historically magic users lungs and gils longer lifespan they brew don't need to stay in the water, but they're better if they do housing on the island is largely on the …

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